Saving a Life

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas—It was just another day for U-Haul Customer Service Representative (CSR) Teresa C. at U-Haul Moving and Storage at I-30 MacArthur (835-036). She and her fellow team members were busy Making Moving Easier for customers, when a man ran in.

“I could tell he was absolutely panicked,” Teresa recollected. “He came in and began to yell, ‘Help, help she’s having a baby! The head’s already out!’ Another team member called 911 while I went outside to help.”

Teresa followed the man to the parking lot, and saw a woman in the process of giving birth in a vehicle’s passenger seat. In that moment, Teresa decisively leaped into action to save the baby’s life.

Heroic actions

“I looked down, and all I saw was blood,” Teresa expressed. “I was on the phone with 911, and they were asking me all kinds of questions as I tried to navigate the situation. It turned out that the baby was actually breeched, and the legs were out and turning blue.

“I thought to myself, ‘This baby’s in trouble,’” Teresa emphasized. “I don’t know what came over me in that moment, but I reached up underneath the lady, grabbed the baby’s butt and pulled her out. The baby was tiny and limp in my hands, so I started to do chest compressions on her. She opened her eyes really big, her arms flailed back and I was like, ‘Oh, thank God!’”

Eventually, the paramedics showed up and took the baby and her mother to the hospital. At that moment, Teresa recalled, “I just lost my legs.”

“It was raining outside, I was soaking wet, and I just sat down in the parking lot and started crying,” Teresa remembered. “My fellow team members were gathered all around me, saying ‘You did good, you did good.’ I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“The paramedics came to talk to me, and after I told them what I had done, they said, ‘You probably just saved this baby’s life,’” Teresa continued. “I told them, ‘Please give me a call and tell me how she’s doing, because I’ll never stop thinking about this baby.’”

A happy ending

Soon afterwards, the paramedics called and informed Teresa that the baby was recuperating in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU), and was going to be all right. In addition, the baby’s father came to the U-Haul Store to give Teresa a personal thank you.

“He actually wasn’t able to be there when his daughter was born; the man who had run into the U-Haul Store was a close family friend,” Teresa explained. “The father told me he wanted to meet me personally, shake my hand and say thank you for saving his daughter’s life. I said, ‘You’re welcome,’ and asked him to keep me posted.”

The following Monday, the newborn’s mother called the U-Haul Store to let Teresa know that ‘the baby girl’s a fighter and she’s doing fine.’”

“That’s the last I’ve heard from them,” Teresa observed. “I’m just grateful that I was able to be in the right place at the right time.”

Praise from colleagues

Individuals from across Team U-Haul are very proud of Teresa for her heroic actions. To those who know her best, her bravery and willingness to help are completely within character.

“Most of us would be out of our minds if a situation like that were to occur,” admitted Kevin Harless, UHC of South Central Dallas (Co. 835) marketing company president (MCP). “Teresa, on the other hand, had no hesitation about jumping in and helping. She went completely above and beyond to help a fellow human being in need, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

“Teresa is an amazing individual who is always ready to help,” praised Co. 835 Reservation Manager (RM) Tiffany. “She didn’t think twice about delivering a stranger’s baby, even though there was an awful amount of blood. I maybe would have hesitated, but she jumped right in. Her drive to go the extra mile manifests itself every day in her work ethic and willingness to serve others.”

“Teresa’s actions were very brave on her part, and her own discomfort didn’t stop her from helping out this young woman and her baby,” Co. 835 Storage Manager Tia C. declared. “I’m very proud that she and the rest of us who were there that day were able to lend our assistance, and make a real difference in someone’s life. It shows that everything happens for a reason.”

A closer bond

Ever since that life-changing day, the team members at 835-036 enjoy a much closer bond and unity of purpose than they ever have before.

“We’ve always been a really close-knit group, but I think that Teresa’s actions brought us even closer,” Tia C. proclaimed. “We talked about the incident at length after it first happened, and tried to help each other process it and deal with it in the most constructive ways. It was a scary situation, but it strengthened our bond as a team.”

“I definitely watch that front door a little differently now, that’s for sure!” Teresa laughed. “I still can’t believe that this actually happened; that I helped to bring a baby into the world in the parking lot of a U-Haul Store!

“You never know what being a part of Team U-Haul is going to bring your way,” Teresa continued. “I know that there’ll be something exciting and new every day … I just hope babies don’t come every day!”


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